One man’s tech is another man’s minimal

One man’s tech is another man’s minimal
Choose freedom, not pigeon holes!Matt Clover, VSD.

Genres! What do you think about genres? It may seem with the various niches and paths house music has gone down, that sub-genres is a relatively new thing.

This isn’t the case though; take rock for example, there is soft/hard/prog and so on. The issue with genres is their wooly and often overlapped definitions. With house music there is classic/deep/piano/vocal/tech/minimal/old skool/deep-tech/minimal-tech/jackin/afro to name a few. They seem to be popping up on a regular basis. You only have to have a good dig through Beatport, Traxsource or Juno to understand the difficulty in defining the appropriate genre. Recently Beatport have had a major overhaul of the genre system involving the users more. I do feel for them though, as with cataloguing record collections it is an unenviable task and there is no one-size fits all solution.

When people ask me “what genre do you play” I just say quality House music. I never pigeon hole myself and this may be to my detriment in terms of gaining regular bookings. Very easy for promoters to choose their DJs if they can define what style they play. Personally I play what the crowd need to hear and I have developed my crowd-reading skills over many years of experience (a dying art).

How I define a few house music sub genres is as follows (and I know you wont all agree and that’s what makes this industry fun and diverse):

OLD SKOOL – Late 80s, early 90s uplifting with pianos and vocals to the fore.
DEEP HOUSE – Warm bass driven 118 – 124 bpm fairly minimal in it’s approach.
TECH HOUSE – More lively 122bpm upwards may feature industrial and synth-based sounds.

As you can see, I am a little confused and this is exactly why I do not go down this route. I would love feedback and discussion from you guys on this. Remember we are a brotherhood (and sisterhood of course) so let’s keep it respectful as this stuff is all based on opinions.

Matt Clover

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