House for money, Hip Hop for passion

Hip Hop House

This little story starts off in a little cul-de-sac in a dark corner of Stevenage, Hertfordshire in the late 80s, early 90s. Growing up in an area strangely dominated by Hip Hop I was lucky enough to have around five strong friends and fellow music addicts. We had a breakdancing crew called ‘Justice’ complete with matching belts, shell toe Adidias, Ghetto blaster and a roll of lino (ask your parents!). These guys all lived in an 800 yard radius of my house and had to pass my front door to meet up at the park for countless breaking sessions.

Without the luxury of mobile phones, we simple hung out of our bedroom windows to listen out for bass lines to see who from the crew were in (our poor parents). My closest musical friend then and still is today Scott Hudson (AKA. DJ Pelt) was the oracle on Hip Hop. Hours and hours spent either making music, listening to early 90s Hip Hop or taring around on BMXs. He was and is a producer light years ahead of his time and has produced for many people, had record deals with the likes of Profile Records etc.. We had the best days zipping into London, crate diggin, dunkin Donut eatin, snapple drinkin and blowing loads of money on vinyl.

This nicely brings me onto my early experiences with house and rave music. Stevenage was very much a House & Garage town. I liked house music as well and the up tempo drum & bass junglistical rave ting, so it was inevitable I would move my mobile disco skills into the rave scene for events and house music at my local nightclub (The Beeches) where I headlined for 18 months. This it what funded the record buying trips with Pelt.

So there you go, House for dough, Hip Hop for show…… nearly fitted! Hip Hop was my passion and certainly not for show and was my first love then and still is now! However over the years my love of house music has taken me on an amazing journey thus far! So, here’s to the next 25 years.


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