Record Weights vs Record Clamps

clamps vs weights

After the use of record weights in some of my Youtube mix videos seemed to stoke more interest in the comments than my mixing or music I felt the need to write an article on the subject. I started using them because it looked cool and thought it made me look different, more savvy maybe! Sad I know but hey, we’re all trying to stand out in a very busy crowd!

Record Clamps vs Weights

When I did a little digging I learned a lot more about these simple, yet effective accessories. Although both essentially do the same thing, they are each used by a very different section of the vinyl community. They both help press the record to the platter to reduce the resonance and vibration between the record and the platter, thus delivering a cleaner and more accurate sound just as the producer intended.


Aimed at audiophiles and general home consumers of vinyl music. These actually clamp to the spindle after the user presses the clamp to the vinyl. Once clamped, the record can be played in all of it’s splendour, just turn the lights off, kick back and enjoy the album. Once finished there will be some kind of mechanical release dependant upon design.


The tool of the discerning, vinyl junky purist DJ. These are simpler and heavier and simply sit on top of the label of the record over the top of the spindle. The weight presses the vinyl in a similar way to the clamp but there is no pressure on the spindle itself. What this means is that you can nudge the record and even pull it back without straining the motor of the record deck. Can work well with slightly warped records and can also improve the bass response.

Both are unnecessarily pricey in the most part but as my friend and colleague DJ Joy Deep has done, why not make your own! He has made many and although do not look particularly beautiful they seem to work every bit as well as my over priced prettier versions. So get your thinking caps on and make your own and see what you think and don’t forget to let me and your fellow readers know how you get on.


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