Record of the day

RECORD OF THE WEEK – 18th December 2017

This EP has hijacked Record of the Day and extended it to Record of the Week! Initially released early this year and has been a mainstay in the clubs ever since. To be honest I am not one for jumping on band wagons and if something blows up like this track did it wouldn’t be finding it’s way into my record collection.

Well a summer’s night at Amnesia in Ibiza put a stop to all that! I was lucky enough to not only play out there in EsParadis but also my son flew out to watch me! He was also there at Amnesia and we finally found eachother in the club as Hannah Wants dropped this tune! Well goosebumps was not the word!

When I saw it on pre-order from Defected I had to add that to the cart! Anyway it’s released now and as well as the original there are three top notch reworks which create very different feels most notably from the one and only Mousse T.

12th December 2017

A bit of a break for Record of the day but Aroop Roy swoops in with a blinder! Absolute peachy smooth beats fused with caribean, afro, african and jazzy flavours!

9th December 2017

Lovely little EP form Zenk/La Sabbia. Even if you don’t play minimal tunes, it’s just a great EP to have in your collections. Always trying to bring something a little different to record of the day!

8th December 2017

No record of the day yesterday due to not finding anything worthy of your discerning ears! I won’t just post any old track on here, it has to be tip top! Classic reissue here folks!

6th December 2017

Ooh yes Detroit Swindle! What a great EP this one. Absolutely love the vibe these guys to to effortlessly catch with every release on their own label – Heist Recordings. One of my faves!

5th December 2017

A personal favourite of mine producer wise is the amazingly talented FOUK. This track epitomises everything I want in a deep house track, a modern production with a grainy depth!

4th December 2017

Lovely EP reissue from Kerri Chandler. A lovely soulful joint brought back from 1998, still sounds fresh today! Smooth flavours running across all four tracks! Bang for your buck!

3rd December 2017

Nice driving house EP from Adryiano. No compromise for the first few tracks then a nice little disco feel on the last one! Not really one for a Sunday but great EP all the same!

2nd December 2017

Looking forward to this one arriving from Ponty Mython! Great EP that works like and album taking you on a journey from old skool flavours through to deep minimal and disco.

1st December 2017

Really strong EP from Nature Boy! Five strong tracks in always good news for us poor old DJs! Again though, track 3 really caught my ear!!! Enjoy and happy December!

30th November 2017

The second release from Chevals, brings you a deep EP with 4 quite different tracks complete with splashes of soul, funk and latin thrown in for good measure. Something for everyone here!