Meet The Team

Vinyl Spin Division (VSD) is a truly global collective of ultra talented and knowledgable DJs representing England, Australia, Greece, Italy and Spain (more to follow as we grow). We have a common goal – to deliver valuable information to established and new vinyl djs alike. Sharing experiences and knowledge is key to the ongoing success and longevity of the worldwide vinyl movement.

VSD Crew

Matt Clover

DJ and founder of Vinyl Spin Division. Owner of the DJ furniture store DJ/presenter and on the management team at Matt has been spinning vinyl for 30 years in one form or another and has performed in many countries around the world. A diverse musical background is echoed in his musical journeys on stage. Check out some of his work below.

Darren Tolley

DJ and co-founder of Vinyl Spin Division, Darren has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. Check out the videos below for some of the smoothest vinyl mixing and amazing tunes every time. Darren is the audio equipment specialist of the team. Ask us some questions and get involved in the conversations.

Salvatore Mor (Mono Underground)

Salvatore’s love of soulful house music and dedication to his craft is unrivalled. The love of the music is reflected in his no compromise DJ setup consisting of floor to ceiling record racks crammed for of golden house music nuggets, His beautiful DJ booth and stunning equipment list.

DJ Joy Deep

An inspiration to thousands and our spiritual DJ, Joy Deep has been instrumental in the scene since the beginning launching clubs and playing far too many clubs to mention. You will struggle to find another human who can control a four deck mix as comprehensive as Joy Deep. His Xone 92 is literally an extension of his arm. Check out his videos for a real experience.


Originated in Greece then moved to Italy at an early age, ARiS is a valued member of the team with his mixing style and musical selection. Get in touch and ask any of the DJs a question we are here for you guys.

DJ Etayo JD

From our Spanish contingent, the amazing Etayo JD. A well rounded musical knowledge but most at home taking you on sublime deeeeeep journeys. You can catch Etayo DJing all over Europe and plays regularly in London at the famous EGG club. Although mainly DJs out on a hybrid digital setup he is most at home on his 12s.

DJ Chris White

A superbly talented all round creative Londoner! Again Chris has a wealth of experience in the industry and only too happy to help and share information with you guys.

Thomas Allan

Multi talented and an all round good egg. A quality DJ with sublime taste, a real talent prospect in the world of production and now promotes successful events in the North East of England.