Matt Clover

Matt Clover (with my DJ hat on)

As well as running this site I am also a vinyl DJ of around 30 years. Music has coursed through my veins from the beginning due to my Father, who was a huge record collector and lover of all good music regardless of genre.

I believe the key to becoming a well rounded DJ is diversity and depth of music knowledge. This is why I am so relaxed stepping up to the decks in any environment, whether an intimate setting or a super club. In fact I relish it!

Matt CloverFrom my first ever gig which was a wedding at the age of 13 years (quite a responsibility) I caught the bug and the love of moving people on the dance floor and sending them home with a broad grin. There is nothing like the feeling of connecting with a crowd and bringing that level of joy to others, quite addictive.

As mentioned already I cut my teeth the hard way dragging my equipment from gig to gig as a mobile DJ relying heavily on my selfless father for transport. I loved mobile discos and worked my way up to having an agent and working every night in December three years running etc etc..

Those that have done the mobile thing will testify, it’s hard! So as I came of age my focus turned to clubs. It was a case of Hip Hop for fun and House music for money. I was a resident and headliner at Stevenage’s premier nightclub The Beeches for close to two years every Friday and Saturday. After this I performed in many clubs predominantly in the South of England for many years and occasionally overseas.

There was a break from performing for a decade even though music remained a large part of my life. The itch was getting too hard to avoid scratching though and my love of mixing and performing came back to me in the form of an excellent radio station Platinum Radio London. A real brotherhood of great people led by the main man Marc Dicks. I now perform my show once a week and help Marc run the station. If you haven’t already, check it out! A great group of guys, we holiday together play together both on the station and in events.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by Alex Vacca to play alongside artists such as Prok & Fitch and was offered the chance to play alongside Mark Knight etc..

I do not tie myself down to genres, I play good music, the right music for the mood, location and crowd that is in front of me. One thing I have learned over the years is to be prepared.

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I haven’t hung up my headphones yet and am still seeking the right opportunities to play in some interesting locations. Quality not quantity is key for me.