Matt Clover DJ

Matt Clover (aka. The OMC, DJMC, Old Man Clover)

Yes, I have commitment issues! The more DJs of a certain age I speak with and learn of their history the more I realise the similar blueprint. You know what I mean, the ones that hear the music and I am no different.

My dad was a music obsessive, with a vast and extremely diverse taste and range of genres. In a daily basis, the house would resonate to the combination of buddy holly competing with the sound of my Mum contesting the volume levels! Let’s just say, I don’t think there are many songs from the 50s – 80s I don’t know word for word! This turned out to be the very best of gifts from my Dad who very unfortunately is not longer with us, but hopefully mixing it up there with the likes of Leonard Cohen and friends.

So, the foundation was laid and now it was my turn to take up the mantle and make my mark in this wonderful world of music.

The same as many 12 year olds of the time I had a hifi in my bedroom which was heavily used (pre-internet) and it wasn’t long before the obsession started to creep in and I found myself with two identical stack systems. I started buying vinyl with every spare penny I had from paper rounds and odd jobs. I used to mix with a record on each stack system turntable and crudely mix between the two using the large round master volume knob! I was now a DJ!

Less than a year later at the age of 13 I was entrusted with way first ever gig; a wedding no less (what were they thinking). Against ALL odds it actually went very well and I was utterly hooked by the buzz of entertaining, controlling a crowd and shaping experiences.

I started making light boxes and ramped up my vinyl spending all supported by my wonderfully patient parents. The house resonated to a different tune now and it was out with the Seekers and Bob Dylan and in with the Prodigy and Steve Silk Hurley! My parents loved it and would often scream up stairs with delight!

Engulfed in the house music and rave scene with a heavy closet obsession with Hip Hop I started to get more and more bookings and opportunities. After playing dozens of venues for one-off nights I finally landed my first solid residency and found myself on top of the bill for over 18 months with guest DJs such as Pete Tong, Grooverider and many more. Took a break away from playing out to focus on building a furniture manufacture and sales company.

In the last few years the itch had to be scratched and I started to play out again in clubs around London and a few locations in Ibiza such as EsParadis etc..

Currently on the verge of launching an audio furniture & accessories company fusing high quality with innovation. Watch this space.

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