Is it an addiction?

Is it an addiction?
Collecting records is an acceptable affliction.Matt Clover, VSD.

Can obsessive record collecting ever be classed as a true addition? Let’s take a look.

I believe I have an addictive personality. All my adult life I have completely avoided most vices such as drugs, smoking and gambling, because I am an all or nothing kind of guy, so never flirted with this growing up. Bare in mind I was heavily involved in both the rave scene and Hip Hop culture, so avoiding these vices was somewhat of a minefield.

So, what is addiction and what is the definition. The NHS defines it as:

Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.

Let’s break it down. Not having control first up. I suppose this can be defined by a compulsion to buy records at every opportunity and sometimes even buying records when you don’t follow your own digging rules. For example as in a previous article ” my personal rules start with the cover artwork that stokes my interest, followed by the artist and musicians (where appropriate) then lastly the condition and price. If the criteria doesn’t fit my rules and I still buy the record then I feel a problem might exist. Next, on to doing something that could be harmful to you. In this case I would define this as a financial or space issue. Can you actually afford to buy these records whilst living to your means. Are other areas of your life suffering or being neglected, which leads me on to space. Are the records taking over your life and house. At every turn are you tripping over your collection? This may also be an indicator.

There is a great visual article from Buzzfeed HERE

So, are you addicted? I don’t think I am…

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