This is a Heist

This is a Heist
See...A Heist can be a good thing!Matt Clover, VSD.

Today I want to share with you a very special record label! Detroit Swindle formed Heist Recordings in order have the ability to control their own musical creations!

From the first release of their own ‘Break up to make up’ EP back in the summer of 2013 Heist has gone from strength to strength and are now renowned for high quality, from the producers they select to the vinyl weight and quality of the record sleeves (inner and outer). Attention to detail is clearly their thing.

From a personal standpoint my first experience of the label was through the very talented producer Fouk. I bought the Kill Frenzy EP, which is a work of utter brilliance and superb value for money as all three tracks are insanely good! My personal favourite and a still an overall favourite Heist release was the track entitled Ken Sent Me! See my personal ‘It’s a HEIST’ playlist below. I have since gone on to purchase around 12 releases and counting. Keeping in mind that I am very picky about the music I buy this is quite astounding.

HeistI also love the geometric ever-changing branding but let’s focus on the music for a minute. They have managed to keep the standard high by scouting talented producers with a similar core belief – deep,smooth, jazzy and soulful beats, which represent the high standards Detroit Swindle set. For me, one of the stand out producers and one that reflects my quirky side when I perform is Frits Wentink. His jazzy off beat off key style is unique and refreshing, I urge you to check him out.

The guys have also created an online store for their records and a very cool merchandise line at I have received countless packages of vinyl over the years but there is something very special about receiving a bundle of Heist releases. Music and buying vinyl is all about experiences and memories and with quality being the primary focus throughout, Heist ticks all the boxes.

This is all my un biassed opinion and I paid full rate for their vinyl! Maybe they’ll send me a sticker or something for this review lol! From a selfish point of view lets support this label as much as possible as I need Heist Recordings releases populating my collection for many years to come.

Hook up with Heist here:


Online store:

Twitter: @heistrecordings



A platform for their own releases, and to create a stage for like-minded musicians to showcase their music. From the first release on, Detroit Swindle’s “Break up to make up” EP in summer 2013, Heist has been a go to label for proper underground house and electronic music. Now, 20 releases and 3 compilations in, Heist has brought forward artists like Max Graef, Frits Wentink, Nebraska, Adesse Versions, Fouk, Brame & Hamo, Nachtbraker and Andy Hart and continues to search for new talent, with Lars & Maarten fully focused on the A&R side of the label.

Up till 2016, remixes on the label have been solely done by other original Heist artists on the yearly “Round up EP”, where the remixer and remixee get connected by the luck of the draw and a limited edition double pack is put out. After that, Maarten and Lars decided it was time to add remixers to the EP’s as well, which saw interesting collaboration, expanded the label family with names like Matthew Herbert, Tom Noble, Ge-ology and Byron the Aquarius.

2017 will show a whole batch of new artists like the amazing afro oriented Swiss group Alma Negra, Italian producer Parker Madicine on a Detroit trip, as well as new releases from label residents like Nachtbraker, Fouk and Detroit Swindle themselves.

Matt Clover

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