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There are very few items of kit that actually stand the test of time and remain in my ever-changing setup. The Pioneer RMX500 is most certainly one of them.

When I was considering adding this to my DJ arsenal it was a toss up between the RMX500 and the RMX100 (read the djinfo comparison article) both of which looked pretty awesome and highly acclaimed. I kept hearing that the RMX500 was a simpler but very powerful unit and was finally convinced when I saw a video from Mojaxx for DJ Tech Tools:

Why I love the RMX500 so much

What I liked was the fact I could start using it straight out of the box and over time I learned more features and started to incorporate more elements into mix mixes. The stand out feature for me is the release effects button. It’s widely used to exit out of various effect combos you might create, however I find it super useful to finish off the mix with a subtle fading echo on the outgoing track, works a charm and makes the mix more effective.

You can be really obvious with your effects on this, but I opt for a more subtle approach so it enhances the music rather than using the unit as an individual sound source. Which leads me neatly on to the built in drum sequencer which is also very good and useful. If you have a track with a long breakdown and you are starting to lose the crowd you can improvise by programming simple drum patterns on the fly to overlay the breakdown. As it is quantised to the beat it always sounds tight as if the drum pattern was on the track all along. It also can provide a nice consistent passage to bring in the next mix.

In short this unit really packs a punch and is full of features that can be tailored to you needs and you can get as much or as little as you need for the moment your are in. I cannot recommend this highly enough and it will remain in my setup for the foreseeable future. Having said that I would like to give the RMX1000 a whirl!

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