Darren Tolley

Started collecting 12” vinyl in 1985. Started doing gigs in 1987. Early influences were german acid house followed by the UK techno explosion of the early 90’s on the likes of labels such as XL recordings.

First nightclub slot was in 1990 with an immediate residency. The next 15 years were consumed by unbroken residencies 3 nights a week spanning 3 states of Australia.

Venues, locations & capacity

Saratoga – Hobart – 400
Hot Gossip – Bendigo – 700
Hot Gossip – Ballarat – 1500
Hot Gossip – Shepparton – 1200
Abbey Road – Bendigo -2000
TNC – Bendigo – 700
Sports Bar – Bendigo – 700
Junction – Bendigo – 800
Sinatras – Bendigo – 500
Boogie Wonderland – Albury – 800
Cactus Bar – Albury – 2000
The Basement – Albury – 900
Ritz – Albury – 1000
Theartre Royal – Castlemaine – 400
Laundry – Richmond – 300
Newmarket – Albury – 300

What inspires me today?
Deep, dub, disco, tech, disco edits, tuff ass dark techno. I still spend way too much money on new vinyl releases every month to feed my addiction. Currently have about 4,000 in the collection.

Why am I still doing it after 30 years?
The love of house music & DJing. House music was built on a culture of acceptance. Allowing people to be who they wanna be. Being part of a family whereby everyone in that family could enjoy good times through the love of house music. That culture still exists today. Part of our role on this site is to share this culture with others & welcome them to the family.

Where do I find it now?
Its usually the small boutique venue gigs with people you’ve sometimes never met, sometimes you have, all getting together to groove to something special. To bring a smile or bass face to punters by playing some seriously lush choons is motivation enough for me.

Why am I involved with this site?
1. To pay respect to and enjoy the talents of other vinyl loving brothers & sister crew members of this site.
2. To give joy to others through my passion for House & the art of DJing.
3. Contribute to the agenda of attracting other people to the real values of what house music stands for and who we are as people/artists.
4. If I can do all of the above well and as a result I get more gigs on these principles then shit hot…..otherwise I’m happy jamming with the crew here and abroad.

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