Cody Currie – Peach Fuzz EP

Cody Currie – Peach Fuzz EP
Oooh peachy!Matt Clover, VSD.

This week we look back at a gem from the talented Mr Cody Currie. With previous releases on Razor n Tape and Better Listen his track record speaks for itself (pardon the pun).

What we love about Cody’s previous releases is the warmth and hug-like quality he conveys through his releases. Let’s take a look at this first release on Secret Reels. Originally released in 2017 we wanted to bring this to your attention once again. Presenting the Peach Fuzz EP from Cody Currie ladies and gentlemen.

1. Prologue

Nice wobbly synths and washed out snares, this 70s cop show themed EP intro really sets the relaxed tone for this wonderful record from Cody. Lots going on as the track progresses and keeps you wanting more.

2. Peach fuzz

A nice laid back heavily swung beat kicks things of with a stereo chorused clap gets you right in the mood for funky disco elements and nicely places vocal snippet. Perfectly titled this track reminds me of the luxury nap feel of a peach, almost velvet! Really nice balance to the track and drops are sublime. The almost African feel of the percussion keep the sound spectrum nice and full. Think hot summers day and a nice cold beer!

3. Urlaub Komppt

Real funky one with a lovely anticipation about the build. Flutes to the fore. A haunting background vocal pulls it together ready for the “only you” vocal to guide you to the drop as it builds effortlessly. Great tune with plenty going on and building all the way through. No lazy production here folks.

4. Woman

A nice lazy beated mechanical intro into a beautifully warm organ strait out of the 70s. Once the wonderful intro has passed the funkiest of all based gets you up and grooving. A deep warm mystery tour of a track with a slightly skewed Fits Wentink feel to it which I absolutely love.

To summarise this was an entirely satisfying EP. A bit like four brothers, connected but very individual. Value for money and a mainstay in any jazzy, funky house collection. Bravo Cody Currie, take a bow.

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