This is idokodo

Idokodo is a high end DJ furniture company based in the UK. Formed of two friends of over thirty years, Matt and Russ are both innovative and driven. Providing discerning clients with unique and innovative solutions. Their very first product has met the market with critical acclaim across the board.

Is DVS vinyl DJing?

As you know vinylspindivision.com is a vinyl specific website (it’s in the name) and recently I was approached on Facebook by a user aspiring to become a Vinyl Spin Division crew member. His initial question was “can I join the crew if I spin on DVS?” Well this was a tricky one and got me thinking deeply! After some careful

This is a Heist

Today I want to share with you a very special record label! Detroit Swindle formed Heist Recordings have the ability to control their own musical creations! From the first release of their own Break up to make up EP back in the summer of 2013 Heist has gone from strength to strength and are now renowned for high

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