• Focus on: Razor N Tape

    Focus on: Razor N Tape0

    Matt Clover spins part of his Razor N Tape vinyl collection on the amazing Varia Instruments RDM20 Rotary mixer and trusty 1200s.

  • This is a Heist

    This is a Heist0

    Today I want to share with you a very special record label! Detroit Swindle formed Heist Recordings in order have the ability to control their own musical creations!

  • Darren Tolley Rocks the Disco

    Darren Tolley Rocks the Disco0

    Another instalment from the talented Darren Tolley with a great intro to get you in the mood. Once again swapping his kit out for the Pioneer DJM900NXS2 with it’s vastly improved phono pre-amps and DJ1000 Sampler. Darren says: A little bit of 3 x technics action with some nice disco & house in the studio.