• Real Hip Hop – Golden

    Real Hip Hop – Golden0

    Something a little different. Matt Clover being taken out of his comfort zone regarding the mix style certainly not the music style as he drops some of his all time favourite Hip Hop Jams from the early 90s. An itch he wanted to scratch (pardon the pun) and music he wanted to share with the

  • Focus on: Razor N Tape

    Focus on: Razor N Tape0

    Matt Clover spins part of his Razor N Tape vinyl collection on the amazing Varia Instruments RDM20 Rotary mixer and trusty 1200s. Sit back and enjoy the funky, jazzy house flavours. There may be a few more of these focus videos on the way! What do you think? Positiva, Toolroom, ffrr? Let us know in

  • This is a Heist

    This is a Heist0

    Today I want to share with you a very special record label! Detroit Swindle formed Heist Recordings in order have the ability to control their own musical creations!

  • Darren Tolley Rocks the Disco

    Darren Tolley Rocks the Disco0

    Another instalment from the talented Darren Tolley with a great intro to get you in the mood. Once again swapping his kit out for the Pioneer DJM900NXS2 with it’s vastly improved phono pre-amps and DJ1000 Sampler. Darren says: A little bit of 3 x technics action with some nice disco & house in the studio.

  • Is it an addiction?

    Is it an addiction?0

    Can obsessive record collecting ever be classed as a true addition? Let’s take a look.

  • What is HD vinyl?

    What is HD vinyl?0

    With many believing the resurgence of vinyl to be nothing more than a hipster-driven trend, it seems as though that vinyl and the rebirth of has more legs than anyone imagined.