I discovered the electronic music of the 90’s when I was 11 years old, and that fired up my passion for music. I started exploring the scene of underground techno and house in Patras (Greece) and my first steps of djing began at the age of 16, playing in small underground parties.

I moved to Italy for studies but my passion for djing didn’t go away, so I started working as a dj in small bars in 2004. Up to this day I am working as a dj in various clubs in the arrea of Camerino (Italy). The years 2004-2005 I was dj at the club Oniremac, in 2006-2007 I was resident dj at the club Plush, in 2007-2008 resident dj at the club Gallery, in 2009 -2010 I was a dj at the Bar Caffe Concerto, and from 2011 untill 2016 I was resident dj at the Muchmore Club.

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