Welcome to my site. I put this site together in order to share my experiences in researching, sourcing, buying, playing and most importantly performing music. Predominantly house music in it’s many forms but with a sprinkling of beautiful Hip Hop from the early 90s…oh! And disco, let’s not forget disco; and then there’s soul and funk and jazz…oh you get the idea.

Since the inception of Vinyl Spin Division (VSD) I have been very privileged to have met and now be associated to a unique band of brother from across the globe that we call ‘The Vinyl Brotherhood’. We are not sure what direction this journey will take, but I hope we get to come together as much as possible and grow the brotherhood.

If you have read up to this point you could have what it takes to potentially become a member yourself.

A very short bit about me. I’ve performed in many many clubs both here and abroad and held residencies here and there blah blah blah! I could rattle them all off but what does it matter. The point is I love music as do you no doubt and just want to go on enjoying playing and performing.

Want to join the brotherhood?

No idea what you'll get out of it at the moment, but great to just belong eh..!

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