About VSD

Firstly welcome to the site, your visit is much appreciated. I hope we can return the favour with some interesting vinyl related content. Vinyl Spin Division (VSD) has gone through various augmentations to settle on where it is at today. Being run by a global family our eyes were to big for our bellies originally and we had great plans to offer training, support and events worldwide.

After much hard work and a certain amount of banging our heads against several walls, we decided to make Vinyl Spin Division (VSD) a global community of like minded vinyl DJs, sharing experiences and knowledge. Helping one and other grow and spread their horizons.

On VSD you will find articles covering all areas of being a vinyl DJ from tech & equipment to latest releases & where to play. What is key though is participation and all egos left outside. In an internet and industry with a lot of negativity we are looking to develop a haven of respect. Opinions are welcome and there is always a positive way to deliver them.

Yes, you’ll see a lot of house music on here but we are keen to champion all forms and genres being spun in the wild today and through the rich history of this wonderful medium!

Enjoy the site and please get involved, we value all experiences and comments.

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